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Fort cambridge sliema
Fort chambray GOZO
Pender Gardens
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First Time Buyers
First Time Buyers
House of character Qormi
M'scala Terraced house
Flat San Gwann
Fgura solitary maisonette
Plot Mxlokk 3500sqm
Selection of three plots for villas mxlokk
Qormi 3 bedroomed maisonette
Zurrieq Townhouse
double fronted ground floor maisonette Balzan
2 bed roomed Town house Gharghur
Qormi 3 bedroomed flat
Qormi - house of character
Fgura - Terraced house
Elevated Ground floor maisonette B'bugia
Benghajsa L/O Bbugia
Tarxien Apartment
Paola 2 bed roomed 1st floor apartment
Apartment Qawra
House of character Rabat
Bidni FARMHOUSE outskirts mscala
Zebbug Semi detached Bungalow
Manikata - Semideached Villa
ZEJTUN - An outstanding and imposing PALAZZO
Fgura highly finished first floor APARTMENT
Zejtun double fronted large house of character
Balzan Town house
2 bed roomed Flat Floriana
Fgura highly finished solitary maisonette
Fgura - Corner, 3 bedroom groundfloor maisonette
2 Interconnecting Farm houses Mghatab
Mtarfa Townhouse
Ghaxaq house of character
Apartment gharghur
Bugibba Apartment
Bugibba apartment
Terraced house Zejtun
Terraced house dingli with pool
Converted House of character Mosta
Terraced House Ibrag
Ta l-ibragg terraced house
St Julians, 2 bedroom apartment
Town house cospicua
Town house floriana
Mellieha Santa Maria estate
Tarxien house of character
2-bedroom first floor apartment in MOSTA
1 bed roomed apartment San Gwann
Ground floor maisonette sliema
Swieqi ground floor maisonette
Villa zebbug
Mosta house of character one of a kind
B'kara ground floor maisonette
Farm house Siggiewi
Elevated Ground floor maisonette Zabbar
Double fronted Town house Mosta
2 bed roomed flat Cospicua with part of roof
2nd floor maisonette Xghajra zabbar
2 farmhouse on 20 tumoli of land maghatab
3rd floor corner apartment Zabbar with roof
Tarxien 3 bed roomed, ground floor maisonette
Zejtun House of character
Plot Kalkara for terraced house
3 bedroomed Duplex Maisonette Ghaxaq
M'xlokk plot for detached villa
3 bedroomed maisonette dingli
Siggiewi Double fronted Bangalo
ZURRIEQ / SAFI Unconverted, wide fronted FARMHOUSE
Air space zabbar 21ftx95ft
Swatar 3 bedroomed maisonette
3 bedroomed 2nd floor maisonette zabbar
3 bedroomed 1st floor maisonette San Pawl Tat targa
3 bedroomed apartment qawra
2 bedroom apartments Msida
1st floor 3 bedroomed apartment Attard
3 double bedroomed penthouse gudja with pool
3 bedroomed penthouse mscala with pool
3 bedroomed groundfloor maisonette m'scala with pool
2 double bedroomed maisonette mscala with pool
Maisonette m'scala with pool
Tarxien - Duplex maisonette
Naxxar - Town House
Lija - Elevated detached bangalo
Apartment B'kara
Mosta townhouse
Floriana Townhouse
Fgura Apartment 1st floor
Sliema designer penthouse
Townhouse senglea
Tarxien townhouse
Mosta solitary maisonette
Zejtun unconverted House of character
St venera
Ghaxaq - House of character
Cospicua studio apartment
M'Xlokk Duplex maisonette
Maisonette M'scala full airspace
Block of smart apartments to choose from
Mqabba, 2nd floor aparment
3 bedroomed 1st floor flat fgura
1st floor maisonette Tarxien
Terraced house zabbar
2nd floor apartment zurrieq with half airspace
3 bedroomed maisonette B'kara with its own airspace
3 bedroomed maisonette M'scala
Fgura corner 3 bedroomed flat
Terraced house Luqa (Hal Farrug area)
2 bedroomed apartment Zebbug
1st floor maisonette San Pawl Tat Targa
MSIDA newly built Penthouse
Highly finished 1ST FLOOR MAISONETTE
corner terraced house Zabbar
Zebbug house of character
GHARGHUR converted, corner double fronted, House of Character
Tarxien 3 bedroomed apartment
Dingli villa
Farm house Rabat
2 bedroomed 2nd floor apartment M'scala
2 bedroomed house of character zejtun
3 bedroomed corner apartment Safi 173msq
2 bedroomed penthouse Mellieha
Terraced house Zejtun with large garden
2 bedroom apartment Paola
2 bedroomed maisonette Senglea
1 bedroom, 1st floor maisonette zabbar
Townhouse Luqa
Luqa Town house
Qrendi house of character
Mosta house of character
Lija Town house
House of character zebbug
House of character Siggiewi
Msida Apartment
House of character Zebbug
Swieqi Terraced house
Town house dingli
Town house Paola
1st floor maisonette with full airspace Tarxien
3 bedroomed maisonette m'scala
3 bedroomed, Maisonette Xghajra Zabbar
Duplex apartment floriana
Duplex apartment floriana
2/3 bedroomed ground floor maisonette fgura
Zebbug House of character
3 bedroomed ground floor flat
house of character zebbug
1 Bedroomed maisonette Zabbar
1 car spacious Garge Marsa
3 double bedroomed ground floor maisonette Zejtun
Terraced house St Venera
Paola Town house
Townhouse Attard
Duplex flat imgarr
Terraced house Luqa
Town house Cospicua
House of character zabbar
3 bedroomed corner flat zabbar
Elevated ground floor maisonette lija
Elevated ground floor Apartment naxxar
2 bedroomed flat B'kara
1 bedroomed penthouse bkara
3 bedroomed flat zabbar
Terraced house msida
House of character Tarxien
2 bedroomed apartment Gzira
house of character mosta
3 bedroomed apartment San Pawl
Highly finished 3 bedroomed flat, Fgura
3 bedroomed apartment Imsida
3 bedroomed maisonette Tarxien
Rabat, Large 3 bedroomed flat
3/4 double bedroomed maisonette Bahar ic-caghaq
1 bedroomed flat hamrun
Zabbar 2 bedroomed finished flat
Zabbar semi basement maisonette
B'Bugia maisonette
Bidni converted farmhouse
Manikata unconverted farm house
3 bedroomed town house St Venera
1st floor maisonette
Very large, 3 bedroomed flat fgura
3 bed roomed Town House Zejtun
3 bedroomed maisonette Attard
2 double bedroomed flat St venera
3 bedroomed, maisonette St venera
Garage qormi 88ft
3 bedroomed sliema
2 bed roomed 2nd floor apartment M'scala
3 bedroomed flat fgura
2nd floor, bedroomed apartment fgura
Detached villa zurrieq
Plot 55ft x 33ft Zurrieq
2 bedroomed flat msida
3 bedroomed flat fgura
Solitary maisonette Bkara / ta paris
Airspace St venera
1 bed roomed finished flats imsida
3 bed roomed sea front apartment Sliema
3 bedroomed flat with roof Tarxien
3 bedroomed flat with roof Fgura
1st floor maisonette Naxxar
4 bedroomed house of character luqa
Unconverted house of character zurrieq
house of character luqa
Converted town house gzira
Unconverted house of character zebbug
Terraced house zabbar
Terraced house Zejtun
Terraced house zabbar
Terraced house Zejtun
Terraced house zabbar
3 bedroomed flat bugibba
Unconverted house of character zurrieq
3 bedroomed flat xemxija
3 bedroomed flat mscala
3 bedroomed finished maisonette
Maisonette Kappara
2ND Floor maisonette M'scala
Detached villa bahrija
Town house zabbar
Un converted house of character zejtun
3 bedroomed flat zabbar
Town house qormi
Town house st'venera
2/3 bedroomed apartment pieta
2/3 bedroomed flat pieta
1st floor solitary maisonette ghaxaq
3 bedroomed flat Mscala
3 bedroomed corner terraced house mosta
4 bedroomed town house Qormi
Corner, 2 bedroomed flat Mgarr, with garage
Double fronted, elevated maisonette attard
Commercial garage gzira
3 bedroomed flat, balzan
Airspace balzan
3 bedroom corner flat zabbar
House of character attard
2 bedroomed solitary maisonette Fgura
Unconverted house of character Lija
Corner 2nd floor, 3 bedroomed maisonette balzan with roof
3 bedroomed terraced house san pawl tat targa
Duplex maisonette qrendi
1 double bedroom st julians
3 bedroomed town house paola
Commercial property valletta
2 double bedroomed flat sliema
2 bedroomed flat Zurrieq
1st floor maisonette tarxien
Corner, 3 bedroomed, finished, flat ghaxaq
3 bedroom Penthouse gzira
2 bedroomed flat Swieqi
1 & 2 bedroomed apartments, Paceville
1 bedroom, ground floor, maisonette tarxien
finished 3 bedroomed flat mscala
Bkara apartment
3 bedroomed 1st floor maisonette Tarxien
Green area qrendi
Terraced house qrendi
1st floor Flat fgura
corner duplex maisonette Xghajra Zabbar
3 bedroomed flat siggiewi
1st floor duplex maisonette Qormi
Rabat house of character
Rabat house of chracter
3 bedroomed flat msida
Sliema flat
3 bedroomed flat st venera
House of Character B'kara
1st floor maisonette zurrieq
NAXXAR Unconverted House of Character
Zurrieq 1st floor character maisonette
House of character siggiewi
Rabat house of character
Luqa flat
Town house zejtun
Tarxien house of character
3 bedroomed flat Fgura
Showroom on 4 floors Mosta
Un converted house of character Rabat
zejtun 1st floor elevated maisonette
House of character Qrendi
3 bedroomed flat mosta
3 bedroomed maisonette Bkara
Groundfloor maisonette fgura
Senglea townhouse
3bedroomed flat Portomaso
3 bedroomed maisonette fgura
3 bedroomed penthouse Fgura
3 bedroomed flat Bkara
1st floor maisonette Birkirkara
Terraced house zebbug
Pieta flat
Hamrun Town house
Xemxija 2 bedroomed penthouse
Tarxien 2nd floor maisonette
3 bedroomed corner flat swieqi
House of character ghaxaq
St.Venera - 3 bedroom flat
3 bedroomed flat Tax xbiex
Flat Pieta
2 bedroomed flat mosta
3 bedroomed flat naxxar
3 bedroomed penthouse mscala
office fgura
maisonettes kalkara
3 bedroomed flat kalkara
3 bedroomed flat marsa
Unconverted house of character cospicua
3 bedroomed flat santa venera
3 bedroomed maisonette fgura
2 bedroomed maisonette mscala
2 bedroomed maisonette paola
3 bedroomed 1st floor maisonette zabbar
3 bedroomed flat mscala
4 bedroomed maisonette naxxar
House of character Zabbar
Town house cospicua
Terraced house zabbar
Luxury maisonette tarxien with large garage
Flat mosta
3 bedroomed ground floor maisonette fgura
3 bedroomed elevated maisonette zejtun
duplex maisonette kirkop
Mscala 2 bedroom corner flat
3 bedroomed elevated maisonette fgura
highly finished 3 bedroom flat paola
town house paola
House of character zejtun
Birzebbuga flat
3 bedroomed maisonette fgura
elevated maisonette fgura
elevated maisonette mscala
Salina 3 bedroomed flat
Town house luqa
duplex maisonette sliema
3 bedroom apartment ibragg
3 bedroomed maisonette bbugia
house of character zebbug
1 bedroomed pent house
1 bedroom flat rabat
house of character zebbug
house of character zebbug
3 bedroomed flat balzan
1st floor maisonette hamrun
3 bedroomed flat fgura
Flat st venera with back terrace
bkara commercial property
Two Double Bedroomed Apartment- St. Julians
3 bedroom flats zabbar
zabbar 3 bedroomed maisonette
43sqm shop qormi
43sqm shop in qormi
Selection of 3 bedroomed flats siggiewi
2 double bedroomed flat
3 bedroomed maisonette qajjenza
House of character qrendi
2 bedroomed flat fgura with roof
2 bedroomed flat hamrun
1 bedroomed flat san pawl
st venera elevated maisonette
3 bedroomed elevated maisonette swatar
1st floor maisonette zejtun
House of character mscala
Mellieha 2 bedroom flat
clinic bkara
1 bedroomed flat sanpawl
Tarxien shop
Terraced house tarxien
3 bedroomed flat st Julians
Boathouse mscala
3 bedroomed town house hamrun
3 bedroomed flat salina
3 bedroom maisonette xemxija
3 bedroom flat hamrun
3 bedroomed flat swatar
3 bedroom duplex maisonette zurrieq
3 bedroom flat fgura
8 car garage
M'scala 3 bedroomed flat
Elevated maisonette mqabba
3 bedroomed maisonette fgura
duplex maisonette luqa
Town house paola
3 bedroomed apartment zabbar
Elevated 3 bedroomed maisonette mosta
Valletta house of character
Corner 2 bedroom apartment mosta
Corner 2 bedroom penthouse paola
msida 2 bedroomed flats finished
Msida 2 bedroomed flat
Town house kirkop
solitary corner maisonette siggiewi
2 bedroomed flat qormi
2 bedroomed flat mosta
Store marsa
ware house handaq
Bar & restaurant bugibba
Shop gzira
Gzira 1 bedroom flat
Shop mscala
Town house tarxien
Rabat 3 bedroomed apartment
Mellieha 3 bedroomed apartments
Qawra 3 bedroomed flat
2 bedroom flat qawra
Town house qormi
House of character qormi
3 bedroomed maisonette lija
2 bedroomed penthouse lija
3 bedroomed flat lija
3 bedroomed flat mscala
elevated 3 bedroom maisonette bahrija
boat house xghajra
Bahrija elevated 3 bedroomed maisonette
Bangalo lija
Plot qrendi
House of character zabbar
Town house zabbar
St julians flat
2nd floor 2 bedroom apartment
3 bedroom flat Tarxien
2nd floor 1 bedroom apartment
3 bedroom flat paola
3 bedroom flat Ta' xbiex
Shop / office Ta'xbiex
showroom mosta
Ofices for rent sliema
Plots mosta
2 bedroom maisonette b'bugia
Townhouse luqa
House of character luqa
2 bedroom penthouse fluer de lys
Fluer de lys
Flat fluer de lys
1st floor maisonette fgura
2 car garage m'scala
2 car garage mscala
3 double bedroomed flat san pawl
penthouse xlendi
Snack bar xlendi gozo
Duplex 3 double bedroom maisonette zebbug gozo
2 bedroom ground floor maisonette zebbug gozo
1 bedroomed 1st floor maisonette bbugia
3 bedroom flat sannat gozo
2 bedroom town house zejtun
2 bedroom flat san pawl
house of character zebbug
house of character qormi
House of character kercem
3 bedroomed flat zurrieq
Corner 3 bedroom flat zurrieq
3 bedroom Penthouse zurrieq
Apartments xlendi gozo
Fgura solitary maisonette
selection of 2&3 bedroomed apartments in paola
2 bedroomed flat balzan
Maisonette balzan
Land with permits Qala Gozo
Unconverted Farm house qala
flat xghara
1st floor maisonette gozo
Ground floor maisonette xghara gozo
farm house xghara gozo
farmhouse xghara gozo
Farm house zejtun
2 bed roomed flat st venera
flats victoria gozo
Farm house ghasri gozo
villa xlendi
3 bedroom fla xlendi
3 bedroomed flat marsalforn
1 bedroomed flat gzira
Town house bbugia
2 bedroomed penthouse mscala
terraced house bkara
ground floor studio apartment gudja
house of character zejtun
3 bed roomed house of character zebbug
House of character zabbar
Town house sliema
Town house qrendi
House of character Qormi
House of character bkara
Town house of character bkara
Bkara unconverted house of character
2 bed roomed flats Gzira
Town house Pieta
Town house paola
3 bedroom flat pieta
Town house senglea
House of character Gudja
2 bedroom flat mscala
3 bed roomed penthouse msida
3 bedroom maisonette fgura
1 bedroomed flat Paola
Penthouse Hamrun
2 bedroomed flat hamrun
maisonette hamrun
Townhouse outskirts gzira
1 bedroomed flat gzira
Town house cospicua
Farm house zebbug
ground floor 2 bedroomed maisonette
1st floor 2 bedroomed maisonette zabbar
Ground floor maisonette fgura
1st floor 3 bedroomed flat mscala
house of character senglea
Town house marsa albert town
Groundfloor maisonette marsa albert town
1st floor maisonette marsa albert town
house of character luqa
1 bedroomed maisonette st julians
3 bedroomed flat bugibba
Dry Basement garage siggiewi
3 bedroomed maisonette mosta
2 bedroomed penthouse rabat
3 bedroomed flat rabat
2 bedroomed ghasri gozo
3 bedroomed flat hamrun
sliema 1 bedroomed penthouse
3 bedroomed flat bkara
Ground floor 3 bedroomed maisonette bkara
1st floor maisonette marsa
house of character zejtun
3 bedroomed elevated ground floor mosta
1st & 2nd floor 3 bedroomed apartments
3 bedroomed penthouse
Penthouse tigne sliema
duplex penthouse madliena
5 offices
offices zabbar
3 bedroomed flat mosta
3 bedroomed elevated maisonette Tarxien
3 bedroomed flats tarxien
2 bedroomed penthouse fgura
3 bedroomed flats fgura
3 bedroomed maisonette fgura
2&3 bedroomed Flats zurrieq
3 bedroomed flats tarxien
Plot with permits qala gozo
Townhouse hamrun
1st floor maisonette Tarxien
Townhouse mosta
Elevated maisonette swieqi
3 bedroomed flat
3 bedroomed house of character
3 bedroomed town house floriana
3 bedroomed flats Ghajnsielem Gozo
Farmhouse San Lawrenz gozo
Townhouse kercem
Flat marsalforn
Flat marsalforn
Penthouse Qala
Qala Terraced house
Xaghra flat
Xaghra flat
Penthouse xaghra
3 bedroomed town house
3 Bedroomed flat birzebbugia
House of characther senglea
Airspace cospicua
zabbar garage
Swieqi 3 bedroomed elevated maisonette
1st floor 3 bedroomed flat m'scala
3 bedroomed ground floor flat fgura
1st & 2nd floor 3 bedroom flats fgura
1st floor maisonette fgura
elevated 3 bedroom maisonette fgura
Qajjenza 3 bedroom flat
2nd floor solitary maisonette m'scala
Plot for terraced house dingli
2 bedroomed flat imgarr
3 bedroomed flat imgarr
3 bedroomed maisonettes mgarr
2 bedroom penthouse fgura
3 bedroomed flat
Elevated 3 bedroomed maisonette with yard fgura
Flat with airspace cospicua
2 bedroomed terraced house xghajra
Ground floor 3 bedroomed maisonette
1st floor 3 bedroomed maisonette zejtun
3 bedroomed flat fgura
1st floor maisonette b'kara
Ground floor maisonette mosta
duplex 3 bedroomed penthouse mscala
2 bedroomed flat m'scala
3 bedroomed 2nd floor maisonette
3 bedroomed flat mscala
2 bedroomed penthouse
3 bedroomed maisonette qrendi
3 bedroomed flat qrendi
Boathouse xghajra zabbar
1 bedroomed flat bkara
showroom Bkara
2 bedroom flat paola
2/3 bedroomed elevated maisonette b'kara
2 bedroomed flat mscala
3 bedroomed flats
2 bedroomed penthouse imsida
2 bedroomed flat san pawl
Elevated 3 bedroom maisonette qrendi
Restaurant mscala
2 bedroomed flat xghajra
2 bedroomed maisonette xghajra
3 bedroomed flat xghajra
Townhouse cospicua
2/3 bedroomed maisonette Iklin
21ft x 63ft
Ground floor maisonette hamrun
2 bedroom flat valletta
2 bedroomed penthouse ibrag
2 bedroomed penthouse ibragg
2 floor maisonette siggiewi
21sqm office
2nd floor 2 bedroom flat b'bugia
Solitary 1st floor maisonette b'bugia
Garage with airspace tarxien
Garage tarxien
Boathouse qajjenza
2 bedroomed corner finished flat bbugia
2 bedroomed flat b'bugia
4 bedroomed maisonette bugibba
Street level garage fgura
ground floor 3 bedroom maisonette swatar
Town house mtarfa
2 bedroomed duplex 1st floor maisonette
3 bedroomed flat ghalghur
3 bedroom maisonette m'scala
3 bedroomed maisonette gharghur
2 bedroom townhouse gzira
3 bedroom penthouse mosta
2nd floor flat mosta
SHop in paola
Green area luqa
3 bedroomed flat naxxar
3 bedroomed flat naxxar
3 bedroomed flat naxxar
3 bedroomed flat naxxar
2 bedroomed penthouse naxxar
Commercial plots handaq
2 bedroomed Ground floor maisonette xghajra
Farm zejtun
Townhouse hamrun
Plot Kirkop
3 bedroom flat
confectionery naxxar
Street level garage qawra 65ft
3 bedroom flat qawra
unconverted commercial property hamrun
2 bedroomed fllat msida
3 bedroom flat qormi
4 rooms zurrieq
3 bedroomed maisonette san pawl tat targa
Airspace mscala
3 bedroom penthouse fgura
1 bedroom maisonette luqa
3 bedroomed penthouse fgura
3 bedroomed flat fgura
2 bedroom flat bugibba communal pool
mqabba 9x60ft
2nd floor 3 bedroom flat bugibba
elevated maisonette
elevated maisonette attard
1st floor flat attard
2nd floor flat attard
3 bedroom penthouse mosta
2 bedroom ground floor maisontte
Elevated first floor maisonette
2nd floor maisonette st venera
Semibasement maisonette 1 to 2 bedroomed
Ground floor maisonette san pawl
1st floor flat san pawl
1st flor 2 bedroom flat zebbug
2 double bedroom penthouse mosta
1st floor maisonette mosta
2nd floor flat mosta
Street level garage st julians
1st floor flat qormi
2nd floor 3 bedroomed flat qormi
2 bedroomed penthouse mscala
Mini market mscala
Ground floor maisonette sliema
1 bedroom apartment san pawl
1st floor 3 bedroom flat st venera
Corner premisess
1st floor 3 bedroomed maisonette fgura
3 bedroom elevated maisonette mosta
1st & 2nd floor 3 bedroom flats
Elevated maisonette san pawl
3 car garage naxxar
Garage luqa
2nd floor flat fgura
1st floor 3 bedroom flat fgura
3 bedroomed flats hamrun
3 bedroomed flat hamrun
4 bedroomed flat hamrun
4 bedroomed penthouse hamrun
mscala 1st floor corner flat
3 bedroom flat bkara
1st floor corner maisonette fgura
Airspace on 5th floor
1st floor flat mscala
1st floor flat naxxar
Street level garage Paola
1st Floor maisonette mscala
2nd floor flat mscala
Ground floor maisonette mscala
Street level garage
street level garage qormi
2nd floor marsaxlokk
1st floor 3 bedroom flat mxlokk
Restaurant Valletta
Ground floor maisonette valletta
3 bedroom flat xemxija
1st floor flat fgura
1 bedroomed penthouse burmarrad
3 bedroomed flats mosta
3 bedroom flats
Elevated 3 bedroom maisonette
Elevated maisonette mosta
2nd floor flat fgura
1st floor maisonette hamrun
2 bedroom flats with part of roof
3 bedroom penthouse zabbar
1st floor maisonette
1st floor maisonette
2nd floor flat with roof zabbar
Class 4 shop mosta
2 bedroom flat Attard
2nd floor maisonette fgura
3&2 bedroomed flats on different floors naxxar
1st floor 3 bedroom flat mosta
2 bedroom flats mscala
2 bedroom Flats mscala
3 car garage senglea.
2nd & 3rd floor 3 bedroom flats
2 tumoli greenarea mgarr
2Bedroom Townhouse Paola
Ground floor 2 bedroom maisonette fgura
Store mosta
3 Bedroom flat mosta
Ground floor mscala
Mscala 3bedroom flat
Msida 3 bedroomed flat
3 Bedroom Penthouse
Flat 3 bedrooms
2 bedroom flat
Penthouse tarxien
1st floor, 4 bedroomed, flat M'scala
San Gwann 2nd floor
2nd floor maisonette
Flat 3 bedroom Qormi
Flat 3 bedroom qormi
Penthouse Qormi
b'bugia flat 3 bedroom
Ground floor maisonette san pawl
1st floor flat m'scala
flat 1st or 2nd floor zabbar
1st or 2nd floor flat 2 bedroom zabbar
2nd floor flat zabbar
Groundfloor maisonette 2 bedroom zabbar
2 bedroom maisonette zabbar
2 beroomed maisonette zabbar
Ground floor 3 bedroom maisonette zabbar
Penthouse zabbar
1st & 2nd floor 3 bedroom flats b'bugia
1st floor maisonette zabbar
2 to 3 bedroomed penthouse zabbar
2 double bedroomed penthouse zejtun
1st & 2nd floor flats zejtun
duplex maisonette 2 bedroom zejtun
1st floor flat zurrieq
Penthouse safi
Maisonette safi
Flat safi
flat fgura
Penthouse fgura
Town house tarxien
2 bedroom flat
3 bedroom flat mscala
Penthouse mscala
Ground floor maisonette st'lucija
St lucija (flat 1st floor)
House of character
Class 4 shop
elevated maisonette
flat naxxar
Town house
First floor maisonette duplex
First floor maisonette fgura
second floor maisonette
going concern