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House of Character
Built over 100 years ago, ageing even up to 400 years, these type of houses are normally found within typical Village cores. These type of properties are normally built in rural Maltese stone and may offer a world of features in the form of arches, throughs, wooden beams, slabs, corbels, flagstone flooring or patterned tiles. Most of these houses do not have a lot of external apertures but, in most cases, benefit from a lot of natural light from their own central courtyard.
Farmhouses are found in rural surroundings and outside village cores. These are normally old structures that used to host farm tools and animals and may offer a lot of features, such as wooden beams, mangers, throughs, corbels and flagstones. Farmhouses are normally surrounded by their own fields and land and therefore offer the possibility of a lot of outdoor space.
Townhouses are pre-war or post-war houses built during the period Malta used to form part of the English Colony. They may age from 60 up to 100 years with a very typical layout in the form of an entrance hall, lateral rooms, typical maltese stone staircase with wrought iron balustrades, and a kitchen/dining backyard. Most of these houses may also offer some other interesting features such as wooden or iron beams, slabs and stone decorations on facades and hallways.
The first Maisonettes started appearing in Malta after the war and are very popular nowadays due to the fact that they offer a one-floor-layout with its own independance entrance. Maisonettes are either ground-floor, first-floor or second floor. Ground-floor Maisonettes benefit from their own back-yard, wherease first or second floor normally have the use of shared or full roof and airspace.  Modern maisonettes are a good alternative to apartments with the added advantage of forming part of small blocks benefiting from their un-shared entrance.